A Tree of Immeasurable Size


enhancedtreeroom2Tree Room at National Centre For Padré Pio

Lucia Fiorentino was born in 1889 in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, and became a favored spiritual daughter of Padre Pio. She was a soul with an intense spiritual life, adorned with extraordinary graces and mystical charisms. In 1906 she experienced a vision where she describes that she ...

" ... saw a tree of immeasurable size, firmly planted in the vestibule of our Capuchin Friary. I heard a voice say to me: "This is the symbol of a soul who is now far away, but who will come here and do much good in this town ... He will be strong and have strong roots like this tree. All those who come to him, from here and from far away, and who take refuge in the shade of this tree, will be saved. I wondered: "Who will this worthy priest be?"

The vision was explained to her August 19, 1923. On this date she wrote in her Diary:

" ... Jesus said to me: Do you remember what I manifested to you in 1906 while you were ill? Yes, I remember. Jesus had said to me in locution: From far away a priest will come, symbolized as a big tree which was to be placed in the Friary. This tree which was so big and well-rooted was to cover the whole world with its shadow. Whoever took refuge with faith under this tree, so beautiful and rich with leaves would gain true salvation. Whereas, whoever despised and derided this tree, Jesus threatened with chastisements. Now He tells me that this tree is Padre Pio who, coming from far away is rooted in the Friary by the Will of God, and taking refuge under it are those souls guided by him who obey with faith and will go on; whereas, those who despise, deride and ridicule him will be chastised ·by God ... "

One day, months later, Jesus said to Lucia (referring to Padre Pio) "If you only knew who guides you! I am the one who acts in that soul: I have found all the favorable dispositions and have descended into him. I will make him great. Everything that Padre Pio does is completely permitted by Me. His mission is Mine. He shares the pains and sufferings with Me. When you see him, you see Me. This son of Mine will perform to the wonderment of all, to attract souls to Me.

Lucia's vision of the "Tree of Padre Pio" has been recreated in the new Saint Pio Museum in Barto, PA. The Perpetual Wall of Names shows the branches of Padre Pio 's Tree spread far and wide around the museum. The names of Padre Pio's devotees and spiritual children (living and deceased), whose generosity and love are making the museum possible, are inscribed on the leaves and reside in the shade of its branches. Encased in the trunk of Saint Pio's Tree is a piece of the Tree of the Stigmata from the Forgione Family farm in Piana Romana (Pietrelcina), where Padre Pio was marked with the invisible wounds. Each name that is added strengthens this tree; enables the mission of the museum; and assures the promise of Saint Pio to "stand at the gates of Heaven until all my spiritual children have entered." Let us not forget that Saint Pio's promise is the Will of Jesus as revealed in 1906.


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